Deaf Intervention Services formed in August of 2018 as a way to support schools and programs to provide sustainable education for deaf and hard of hearing children in rural areas of Wyoming and Kansas. Today, it has evolved into a sign language interpreter and staffing agency. We provide access to qualified sign language interpreters, teachers of the deaf, deaf mentors, audiologists, advocates, and educational consultants. We work with schools, businesses, government, hospitals, law firms, and more. In 2020 we worked with a team of 16 subcontractors to ensure high quality access to communication for deaf and hard of hearing children and adults. American Sign Language (ASL) tutoring and private instruction is also available to families and individuals. Our scope of services is vast and we look forward to helping our clients communicate effectively with deaf and hard of hearing consumers in a variety of settings. We actively speak out to local legislators about the need for a Wyoming Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and seek to empower the deaf and hard of hearing citizens of our state to have their voices be heard: spoken and signed!

About Scott

Scott E. Foor, M.A., is a Certified teacher of the deaf and a Wyoming permitted educational sign language interpreter. He has a passion for helping under-served deaf and hard of hearing children worldwide realize their full potential and experience personal growth through special education, sign language, spoken language, and building life skills needed for success. Scott has a total of 15 years experience working with deaf and hard of hearing children and adults. Some highlights of this include seven years of experience working at the California School for the Deaf in Riverside (CSDR), a residential school for the deaf. Scott has four years of experience working in a mental healthcare setting with Deaf and hard of hearing students in residential treatment. He also taught American Sign Language (ASL) at the University of Wyoming, worked in Kansas, Georgia, and Zambia. Scott has worked with deaf and hard of hearing children in Zambia to help improve access in the city of Ndola. Scott has volunteered as an advisor and consultant in Zambia for 5 years to provide educational programming for Zambian Sign Language (ZSL) instruction, provided after-school tutoring and nutrition programs, Deaf mentoring, and accessible Bible materials.

Scott was awarded a grant from the University of Northern Colorado to propose a study of the positive benefits of learning sign language for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) veterans. This was proposed to the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center at Fort Carson. In the future, Scott would like to work with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Department of Defense (DoD) to provide increased access to sign language for veterans. Scott is a U.S. Army and Air Force Veteran.